PalmCliX Features:

    Multi-Function Digital Camera:
    Still Photographs
    Video Capture
    Video Conferencing

    Sensor: CMOS

    Resolution: 300K Pixels (VGA 640x480 Pixels)

    Memory: 64MB
    26 photos @ Hi-Resolution Mode (VGA 640x480 Pixels)
    52 photos @ Compressed Hi-Resolution Mode
    107 photos @ Low-Resolution Mode (QVGA 320x240 Pixels)
    208 photos @ Compressed Low-Resolution Mode
    NEW! Now takes up to 409 photos in ultra-compressed format

    Focus Range: 0.5m to Infinity

    Illumination Sensitivity: 100-16000 Lux

    Power: 1 AAA Battery
    Battery Exchange Feature: Retains memory for 30 seconds during battery change.

    Interface: USB Port (V1.1)

    Drivers: Twain and WDW

    Self-Timer: 10 second Delay

    System Requirements:
    Pentium II and above PC
    Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/XP Pro Operating Systems
    64MB or above memory
    100MB Hard drive free space
    Color Monitor (800x600 24Bit or greater)

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